Five Tips for Choosing In Wall Speaker Systems

Enwall-Speaker-Illustration-2-300x298It has become quite a necessity for many people to use speaker system, as this offers them a better quality for the sound when they watch movies, listen to music or simply for those times when they’re following a TV show.

As you certainly know, the boxes that the TV has are merely enough to reproduce the quality of sound that the movies have or the one that the music has to offer, and for having something good around your house, you might need a surround system.

However, even with those there is a problem, because there are five speakers that need to be set around the room, and usually these take up enough space to make you uncomfortable.

Let’s see some rules for installing an in-wall speaker system, something that can definitely help you out.

  1. Back Box

It’s important to use a speaker with a back box, even if you install it inside the wall. If you want to use a speaker that has no back box, all you are hoping for is to have an in-wall enclosure that is favorable to produce a great sound, and all this you surely know that is a gamble. You can easily find high quality speakers on the market, instead of relying on something that is definitely out of your control.

There are plenty of types of in-wall speaker systems that are high quality and you will see that their performance is optimal. You don’t have to use speakers that have paper cones anymore, or those that have tinny sounding drivers. There are more than enough audio companies that manufacture quality in wall speaker systems, which have their own back boxes already fully enclosed. This allows the designers of those speaker systems to control the output for the drivers and also to offer a high-end performance. In the end, this is what everyone is looking for actuall


  1. Effects

When you install the speakers, make sure you know exactly where you will place them. This is because you will need to measure out first and then make the cutting. You’ll need to know where the TV will be placed, if it’s not already set up, as you’ll need to have a natural sound effect when the speakers are on. Specialists advise that it’s great to be able to create an equilateral triangle between the right and left speakers, and your prime listening position.

As there are usually 5 speakers in this type of system, you’re going to want to place two of them near the TV, and two of them on the other side of the room, while the subwoofer can have its own place. Don’t forget that you will be watching the TV mostly seated, so place the speakers at the optimal height keeping this in mind. You’re not watching the TV standing, so the speakers need to be at ear level.

Placing the speakers near the display – near the TV, will create the illusion that the sound is actually coming directly from the display, but the surround effect of the system will let you feel like you’re actually part of the action (for example, when you’re watching a movie) or that you take part at the concert (for example, when you’re listening to music).

  1. IC624 w-out grillCenter Channel

This is that item that needs your total attention when you’re installing the in wall speaker system, because this is the one that directs the dialog. This is best to be set up under the screen, or under the TV,  as it will help you a lot. There’s a very simple reason for doing this – if you place the center channel above the TV or above the screen, you won’t be able to point the sound directly toward the listeners, and this is what people need – to hear the sound. If you place it above the TV, the sound will go over your heads, instead of being pointed to your ears, where it should be.

People are sensitive to every sound that comes from the front, and if this center channel is placed too high, you won’t be able to hear the right sounds.

  1. Surrounding Yourself

As we’ve already said, the rest of the speakers should go to the back of your sitting area. For example, if you have a TV on a wall, and the couch on the opposite wall, then three speakers should be on the same wall as the TV, while the rest of them should be on the same wall as the couch or even farther away, if the couch is on the center of the room (and this is the best position for it).

Wondering why, aren’t you? Well, the explanation is very easy – there’s a reason why that is called a surround system, because the sounds come from every direction, allowing you to have a more realistic experience when it comes to sounds.

The best place to set the rest of the speakers is in the back of the room and lower than the ones in the front (the ones that are placed next to the TV or the screen).

  1. The Subwoofer

stealth-top-vanquishThere is one piece in every home theater that is very important, and we’re talking here about the subwoofer. If you plan to install one inside the walls, this can be very “room-dependent”, as specialists say. You might want to consider having two subwoofers to compensate for any disturbance in the sound, even if this might prove to be a little more expensive. The peeks or nulls in the sound can be created by anything that is in the room – the furniture, the shape of the room or anything else, so you might want to have the perfect sound when you’re thinking about this.

Installing two subwoofers can adjust the sound, or you can also install just one on the back wall of the room. However, pay attention to what lies beyond that wall, because the sound and everything else will be heard in that room.

Choosing and Installing an In-Wall Speaker System

InWall-rated-wiresWatching a movie or listening to music most of the time requires a good sound quality, to allow you to have a quality time. It’s not that a TV is not enough for this, but an in-wall speaker system can offer you a pleasant experience, almost similar as the one you get on cinema.

If you’re looking to have a room transformed into a home theater, it’s better to have an in-wall speaker installed, than to have several speakers placed around the room – not only this is taking up space, but it can also distort the sound that you hear.

Let’s see how you can choose and install an in-wall speaker system easily, to have a pleasant experience every time you’re watching a movie or listening to music.

Know What You Need

First of all, there are different types of speaker system. The 2.0 contains two stereo speakers, the 4.0 contains 4 stereo speakers, the 5.1 has four stereo speakers, a center speaker and a subwoofer, 7.1 goes for six stereo speakers, a center speaker and a subwoofer, while 7.2 is for the same as the one before, only that it has two subwoofers. Anything that is above 5.1 can be considered a surround sound system, and many TV support only this type of system (mostly because this is the way that the sound is produced).

Look Online

When you think about having this kind of system installed, make a thorough research online and decide on what you want to have. Look for the type of the system, the brand, if it can be installed in-wall or in-ceiling, if it can be painted or not and so on.

There are different types of in-wall systems, with different designs and a different number of stereo speakers, so you’re going to know exactly what you’re looking for.


When you decide to buy, make sure the seller offers you a warranty for the system. You can have someone else install the system for you, but it still needs to come with a written warranty in case the system doesn’t work or malfunctions. These are not so cheap so it will also protect your investment in case the system fails to work as promised.


If you’re not specialized in this kind of work, it’s better to have it installed by someone who is specially trained in wiring and installing this kind of system. There are different companies who can make this for you, and you will also receive good advice on where to have the speakers installed and how the sound will be depending on the location.

Apart from this, they also know how to work with different kinds of walls – an in-wall speaker system is more delicate than any other type of system, because it needs to be installed directly in the wall. This means that those who perform this task need to make the installation perfectly, so that the wall will look perfectly once everything is finished.

tannoy-iw62tdc-in-wall-speaker-single-beWhy Not Do It Yourself

We know that a professional will ask for a small fortune to install the in-wall speaker system, and we also know that many would prefer to turn this into a DIY kind of project to save some money. However, that’s not advisable, because apart from the fact that the system itself costs a lot of money, a non-professional installation might mean a loss in the future. The reasons are a few, but still important – first of all, you need to be a certified electrician to be able to make the wiring, and if you’re not, it can prove to be quite dangerous. Secondly, you could damage the system, the electrical system of the house or you could endanger yourself if you suffer an electrical shock.